Dressage rings

We also have luxury dressage rings for sale and rent. These rings are of light and solid quality and completely made of white plastic and equipped with luxurious letter cones. 

Dressage rings

  • Available in every size
  • Standard in 20×40 and 20×60
  • Sturdy, durable quality

Big letter cone

  • With 4 letter stickers
  • 63 cm high
  • Round opening for plant at the top
  • Stackable for compact storage

Complete dressage ring

  • Luxe lightweight dressage ring
  • Available in:
    20x40m € 1899 excl. VAT
    20x60m € 2499 excl. VAT

Small letter cone for board mounting

  • Sticker on 1 side
  • This cone can be placed on a board of 3.8 cm thick

Trailer for dressage ring

  • Trailer for 20x60m dressage ring + cones + letter cones


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